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I am happy to finally be able to post my cards online. Hopefull I will post some of my layouts as well. This is very exciting and look forward to joining some challenges now.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Time For Some New Cards

It's after Christmas now, and time to make some new cards.  I got two litters of puppies for Christmas!  What a gift!!  My shitzuh Scrappy had 5 puppies and my pitt bull had 3 surviving puppies out of 10!!  The funny part is we don't know who the daddy is yet!  I had a shitzuh and a lassapoo as the guilty parties.  We'll have to wait till they get a little bigger to see whose they are:)

Time for some new cards!!  Trying some new things.  I love making cards and love receiving calls from people who receive them and absolutely love them!!!  It's one of my greatest joys.  Here are a few new ones.  All my images are colored with copic sketch markers.  Thank you to all of you cardmakers that inspire me with ideas!

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  1. Love the new cards sis, i especially love your new sympathy cards, very nice work - love you.