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I am happy to finally be able to post my cards online. Hopefull I will post some of my layouts as well. This is very exciting and look forward to joining some challenges now.

Friday, December 7, 2012

I Love Christmas!!

It has been a long year, and I've seen so much going on around the world, and so much going on in our lives, it makes me wonder how some people think they could make it in this world without Jesus.  I know I couldn't.  Here are a few cards I've made recently, and I had so many beautiful Christmas cards to show you, but they sold so fast, I forgot to take pictures!!  Thank you to my friends at work who love my cards and love buying them for their friends and family!  The feedback is amazing and so flattering.  I check blogger every day, and am so inspired by so many of the blogs I follow.  I hope to be an inspiration to anyone that stops by to look at my cards!!

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